Inland Crossing

Monthly Archive: June 2013

ARB Bumper Prep 2 – Shackle Mounts

One of the faults of this ARB bumper for the 2003 WJ is a lack of attachment points. There isn’t a shackle mount or hook location that’s appropriate for hooking up to for winching or for being yanked out of…
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First Ride – WJ + Neon

The ARRL VHF Radio Contest is an opportunity to get out of Atlanta in June and spend a long weekend in the North Carolina mountains along the Blue Ridge Parkway. Our group packs up the radios and towers and makes…
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Lift Kit Installation

The lift kit was recently installed, giving the WJ a new stance and some clearance for the ARB bumper and the mud terrains. This, in fact, has been the easiest lift kit to get in, as it was farmed out…
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