Inland Crossing

Monthly Archive: July 2013

Selecting a Winch

Winches seem to generate as much discussion as tires, lift kits, or trash talk on forums. There are those who feel they want the best and have strong opinions to render, and those who are cost-conscious and are happy with…
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ARB Bumper Prep 3 – Sanding & Painting

In part 3 I drilled holes for shackle mounts – the last remaining step I needed to get done before getting the bumper sanded down and painted. When cleaning up the mounting brackets for the bumper back in part 1,…
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2013 CQ WW VHF

Sometimes it’s not about the journey and it is about the destination. For the 2013 CQ WW VHF Contest we decided to rent a cabin so I could operate the contest from a reasonable height overlooking some mountains and getting…
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