Inland Crossing

Monthly Archive: August 2013

Ponce Inlet Lighthouse

The tallest lighthouse in Florida, and one of the tallest masonry lighthouses in the country, Ponce Inlet lighthouse has in one form or another marked the inlet since 1887. Once known as Mosquito Inlet Lighthouse, it was constructed on 10…
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Winch Setup Part 1 – Clocking the Winch

Setting up this winch will be a bit different than others I have done. All my others have been on top of the bumper and integrated solenoids. Because this one is integrated into the bumper, I’ll have to do some…
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ARB Bumper Prep 4 – Installing Marker Lights

In part 1 of the bumper prep I located replacement marker lights for the ARB Bull Bar. The old lights were corroded and the lenses were warped from the heat of the bulbs. Installation of the new lights was straightforward…
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