Inland Crossing

Monthly Archive: September 2013

Upgraded Tail Lights for the Neon

The right tail light for the Neon quit working, and although there was some voltage on the bulb socket, it varied between 7 – 9 volts, leading me to the bad ground conclusion. Getting behind the lamp housing was going…
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ARB Bumper Installation

In previous posts I’ve outlined the preparation of the ARB bumper – from sanding and painting to winch setup. This post caps the series by describing the installation on the WJ. The instructions from ARB are fairly complete. The descriptions…
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Mile High Campground

I’ve mentioned Mile High Campground in a couple posts. This is the site the Fourlanders VHF Contest Group use for the June and September ARRL VHF Contests. `The campground has several of it’s campsites situated on Soco Bald, a 5,446′…
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