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Monthly Archive: April 2018

4Runner Wheels & Tires

I ran across a good deal for a set of wheels and tires that a shop ordered for a customer that didn’t work out. While I wasn’t quite ready to commit to tires, I really hadn’t planned on new wheels….
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Toyota 4Runner Cabin Filter Change

Changing a cabin filter on a 5th gen 4Runner can’t get much easier, so there’s not much of an excuse to not make it part of regular maintenance. It’s accessible through the glove compartment, where a small rectangular cover plate…
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Running Board Removal

I suppose running boards may make sense for certain applications, but the running boards that came on the 4Runner would be useless even if it wasn’t going to be modified as an adventure vehicle. I found that because of a…
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2012 4Runner

After many years of Jeeps, I decided to go a different route with respect to an adventure vehicle. While I found the Grand Cherokees to be very capable and comfortable, the limited availability of accessories precluded me from building the…
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