Inland Crossing


2013 CQ WW VHF

Sometimes it’s not about the journey and it is about the destination. For the 2013 CQ WW VHF Contest we decided to rent a cabin so I could operate the contest from a reasonable height overlooking some mountains and getting…
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Installing a Glass-Mount Antenna

In a previous post I removed a a Larson dual-band glass-mount antenna from my 1999 Durango. In this post, I’m documenting it’s reinstallation on the 2005 Grand Cherokee. I picked up a Larson installation kit which contains new adhesive pads…
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Removing a Glass-Mount Antenna

I’ve been using glass-mount antennas for VHF and UHF for many years on my vehicles, and have found them to be a practical alternative to drilling holes or to clamp-on mounts. Make no mistake; a through the roof mount is best because…
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Radio Choices For The Road and Trail

One of the most-often asked questions by off-roaders concerns communications. Specifically, the questions are centered on the best options for remote or wilderness communications. I’ll infer that the need is to maintain contact with the other vehicles in your group,…
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VHF Contesting Expeditions To Soco Bald

There are two VHF contesting events each year that take the Fourlanders Contesting Group (W4NH) to Soco Bald in North Carolina. Two ARRL VHF QSO Parties are held – one in June and one in September – and give the group…
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