Inland Crossing

A Vehicle-Based Adventure Project

Storage Solutions

As I start planning the requirements for outfitting a replacement vehicle for the Durango for travel and outdoor activities, I’m working through my options for carrying spare parts, camping gear, supplies, and other necessities. Given the limited space behind the…
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Notebooks, Netbooks, & Tablets

Having a computer around on a trip is pretty much required these days. Email, maps, and other services provide connectivity and resources. Which to take and which to leave behind? Travel light or travel fully equipped? A while back I…
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Radio Choices For The Road and Trail

One of the most-often asked questions by off-roaders concerns communications. Specifically, the questions are centered on the best options for remote or wilderness communications. I’ll infer that the need is to maintain contact with the other vehicles in your group,…
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VHF Contesting Expeditions To Soco Bald

There are two VHF contesting events each year that take the Fourlanders Contesting Group (W4NH) to Soco Bald in North Carolina. Two ARRL VHF QSO Parties are held – one in June and one in September – and give the group…
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