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Okay, this is one of those products I probably should have started using years ago. My usual routine is to get the vehicle up on a floor jack and then use jack stands. Maybe the comfort of knowing the vehicle is held up by steel jacks made the repair go easier.

In any case, I saw these advertized in an Advance Auto flyer and gave it some thought. I was in the store later on and decided to bring them home.

The model is the Rhinoramps Max, item 11912 by RhinoGear. They claim they are suitable for vehicles up to 16,000 lbs GVW (four at 4,000 lbs each), which puts them well within the specs for use by either of the Jeeps or the Silverado.

The lightweight construction was deceiving; the backside reveals a design that appears to be stout enough to actually carry the load as advertized. My concerns of them being too light and shifting while driving up on them was unfounded – the Jeep rode up the ramp without issue and it was easy to determine when I leveled out at the top and to stop.

Another nice feature of these ramps are they nest one inside the other. Two of these take up little more than a single unit. The light weight contributes to being able to store them on overhead shelves and of course the plastic material won’t rust like steel ramps.

Despite my unwarranted reluctance to use ramps in the past, I’m finding I like using these things. Total setup and driving up time is under two minutes and gets the vehicle at the right height for oil changes and other maintenance.

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