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A Simple Storage Box

The 4Runner needed some storage for tools, extra fluids, recovery gear, and other things that tend to accumulate in a vehicle. I need to eventually buy or build a drawer unit that can be outfitted with the rear seat removed,…
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The ArkPak is a portable 12VDC/120VAC power source. I picked up this unit used, intending to use it to power some ham radio equipment for portable operation, to use around the camp, or to power a vehicle refrigerator later on….
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Low Tech Navigation – The Road Atlas

In a world of high-tech navigation options at one’s disposal, it’s often easy to overlook the need for a backup means of finding one’s way around. GPS in purpose-built devices, as well as in phones, tablets, and computers only go…
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Trailer Accessories

No camper is complete without an accompanying collection of accessories. Some are practical and necessary, while others might be comforts. I picked up some of each. Chocks for the wheels are on the necessary side – particularly with the large…
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Winch Isolator

When I first installed the synthetic rope onto the drum and wound it up on the bench I noticed that the hook didn’t exactly snugly mate against the hawse fairlead. Unable to tension it any further, the hook kind of…
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Cabling Up the Winch

The last tasks in setting up the winch and making it functional are to hook it up to the battery and to re-spool the winch rope under some tension. When I originally installed the rope it was on the bench,…
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