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Mile High Campground

I’ve mentioned Mile High Campground in a couple posts. This is the site the Fourlanders VHF Contest Group use for the June and September ARRL VHF Contests. `The campground has several of it’s campsites situated on Soco Bald, a 5,446′…
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First Ride – WJ + Neon

The ARRL VHF Radio Contest is an opportunity to get out of Atlanta in June and spend a long weekend in the North Carolina mountains along the Blue Ridge Parkway. Our group packs up the radios and towers and makes…
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Mingus Mill

Sometimes the call of nature leads to some interesting discovery that might otherwise be overlooked. Returning from Pigeon Forge through the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, we were looking for a rest stop and happened upon Mingus Mill. In addition…
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Apalachia Dam

The TVA has a number of dams along the TN 68 corridor. Apalachia Dam is easily accessible and provides for a quick visit while enroute to other sights or trails. The dam has a net dependable capacity of 82 megawatts, but…
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Tellico Trail One

Tellico ORV area was a popular trail system that held challenges for all levels of off roaders. It was closed a while back and only Trail One, which runs through this section of the Nantahalla National Forest from north of Murphy,…
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VHF Contesting Expeditions To Soco Bald

There are two VHF contesting events each year that take the Fourlanders Contesting Group (W4NH) to Soco Bald in North Carolina. Two ARRL VHF QSO Parties are held – one in June and one in September – and give the group…
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