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Punch List: Hoodlift Struts

Weak lift struts have become a pet peeve of mine after getting clobbered pretty good by falling liftgates a number of times. Particularly with hoods, I’m a bit hesitant to stick my head and arms underneath and do any work…
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Punch List: Tuneup Time

One of the first things I needed to do after acquiring the WK was to swap out spark plugs. A few days after first driving around it threw a misfire error for cylinder 1. After getting through the initial pang…
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Punch List: Liftgate Struts

It’s the big things that drive your planning: lift kits, tire selection, vehicle modifications. It’s the little things that drive your activities – the steady stream of things that need repair, replacement, or adjustment. A recent rip to Soco Bald…
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