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Roof Racks

Roof racks were recently installed on both Jeeps. The WK got new Yakima brackets for the roof rails and the recycled cross bars from the Durango. Last week the WJ got the¬†Yakima rack treatment with new brackets, crossbars, and locks….
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Punch List: Tuneup Time

One of the first things I needed to do after acquiring the WK was to swap out spark plugs. A few days after first driving around it threw a misfire error for cylinder 1. After getting through the initial pang…
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Husky Liners

I have to confess that my 2005 Jeep WK came with a full set of Husky Liners when we bought it used. I had looked at them before but was reluctant to spend the money to cover the front and…
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Punch List: Liftgate Struts

It’s the big things that drive your planning: lift kits, tire selection, vehicle modifications. It’s the little things that drive your activities – the steady stream of things that need repair, replacement, or adjustment. A recent rip to Soco Bald…
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Installing a Glass-Mount Antenna

In a previous post I removed a a Larson dual-band glass-mount antenna from my 1999 Durango. In this post, I’m documenting it’s reinstallation on the 2005 Grand Cherokee. I picked up a Larson installation kit which contains new adhesive pads…
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Air Dam Removal

The air dam on the WK extends considerably below the front bumper, decreasing the approach angle and making it subject to damage, even in moderate terrain. I did some research online to get information and to determine the conventional wisdom…
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