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There are those that take overlanding quite seriously. They engage in round-the-world travel, access exotic locations over challenging terrain, and push the very limits of their vehicles, their equipment, and themselves. As inviting as the thoughts of such adventures are, this is not one of those projects.

Despite the popularity of confusingly applying the “overlanding” term to day-long trail rides or car camping, we’ll refrain and simply state that our intention is to explore what America has to offer by vehicle, within the constraints of our budget and available time. Perhaps “adventure travel” or “overland touring” is more fitting, and can apply to driving to see our natural wonders, visiting popular attractions, taking in historical sites, and stopping in on places along the way to help us appreciate our unique country. From our home in the Atlanta area, we will undertake local, regional, and national road trips as time and resource opportunities permit.

North Georgia has miles of dirt roads, forestry roads, and trails suitable for exploration.

In some cases these will simply be day trips into the North Georgia Mountains or weekend excursions around the southeast, but several times a year we hope to take extended trips and range out west or into the upper Midwest or the Northeast.

Where and when possible, we’ll take the less-traveled route and try to avoid the rush of the interstates, though in some cases they’ll be necessary to give us adequate time to explore a destination once we arrive. We’ll generally camp and sometimes motel.

The vehicles will be setup to take on lesser maintained roads, forestry roads, and light trails when we wander along those routes, and while the delineation between four-wheeling and overland touring may sometimes get blurred, we’ll acknowledge that sometimes the route to a worthy destination might be somewhat steep, muddy, or rocky. We’ll be suitably equipped for the challenges we choose to take on, but the desire to take on challenging trails for their own sake or bragging rights is no longer there.

We’re starting this project with a 2012 Toyota 4Runner and a recently added 2021 Jeep JLU Sport – a pair that are very suitable for the type of adventures we contemplate. Backing up this duo is a white 2007 Chevy Silverado extended cab 4×4 with a Leitner rack that can perform Sherpa duties when required and can be used as a tow rig when necessary.

Our trailer is a modified Jayco Hummingbird 10RK that gets us into the back country and is easily towable. A rear kitchen, solar charging, and the ability to carry food, water, and needed accessories provides for extended travel and a comfortable, secure, and capable base camp.

A lot of what is written here will be on the preparation of the vehicles, communications activities related to travel and explorations, and comments on the gear. Of course we’ll also have write ups on our trips and destinations.

There are also a number of excellent sites that provide valuable and relevant information on overland travel. Many of those have influenced us to undertake this project and we appreciate their inspiration.

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